37 imágenes made in Australia

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1. Pythons eating everything.

Pythons eating everything.

Via imgur.com

Snake + flying fox = monstrous.

2. Pythons so big they can lift wallabies.

Pythons so big they can lift wallabies.

Via reddit.com

3. Pythons on the loose in op shops.

Pythons on the loose in op shops.

AP / Via huffingtonpost.com

4. Snakes on the loose inside toilets.

Snakes on the loose inside toilets.

Via imgur.com

5. Snakes eating goannas.

Snakes eating goannas.

Via reddit.com

6. Snakes on golf courses.

Snakes on golf courses.

Via reddit.com

7. Snakes on planes.

Snakes on planes.

Robert Weber / Reuters

Passengers on a flight from Australia to Papua New Guinea were shocked to look out their cabin windows to find a three metre snake on the wing of the plane.

8. Flying foxes generally.

Flying foxes generally.

Vermin Inc via Compfight cc

Catching diseases directly from flying foxes is extremely unlikely. However they are known as hosts to two life-threatening viruses. Source: outbreak.gov.au

9. Dingoes eating sharks.

Dingoes eating sharks.

Via reddit.com

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